05 MAY

Your super shop may maintaining paper based Business Process for items, Sales, Purchase and inventory. Although, record keeping is not difficult but generating reports has become a major problem area in the current manual Business Process. We are a Leading POS Software Provider in Dhaka,Bangladesh,We provide POS Software which will keep records and generate daily, weekly or any periodical reports of items, Sales, Purchase, Accounting & Inventory which is normally prescribed for day to day activity. We deliver complete web based POS software with barcode generation and barcode integration by which you can manage multiple shop from a single point through internet.We have a good number of Client in Dhaka city and whole over the Bangladesh who are Successfully operate their Shop, Chain Shop through online or offline.


1. Ease to use interface, highly secured with authentication user hierarchy and instant access of customer information. 2. Multiple shop and shift creation option. 3. Item creation and barcode generation. 4. Sales entry by barcode scanner. 5. Sales report of a particular day, item, shop and shift. 6. Instant access of product information. 7. Fully integrated with inventory. 8. Stock in, stock out, stock balance and stock valuation. 9. Extensive search facilities and reporting format can be converted to PDF report can be generated based on daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, product share, by company, area, by value share and by each or all combination. Report previewing facility is based on user scope of work and privilege.



Prior to using OSIL POS, Our Product using several different systems (cash register, cc terminal, time clock, inventory reports) to collect the data needed to effectively run a small business. Collating all of this every month or every two weeks just ate up too much time in the back office. With OSIL, not only have we been able to reduce our transaction times to mere seconds, we now have "one stop shopping" for all of our necessary data.

You dont need for expensive and specialized hardware purchases. A normal cpu, run to a local chain store and pick up another instead of ordering a new POS machine and waiting weeks for delivery.

  • User Options

    The product is user friendly. If you can manuver thru a smart phone you can use this product. Customer Service is attentive and very responsive.

  • Security

    It was visually appealing. It appeared intuitive. But it is very restricted.

  • Recommendations

    Put the trial version into FULL use before you purchase. Unfortunately you have to become an expert on the software in order to find out these limitations for yourself and see how they effect you. Do not trust the sales associate to divulge the limitations that linger just beyond the attractive features they are wooing you with. They will say it can do everything…and yes it can but they never mention the BUT that should follow every aspect that they are highlighting for you.